Seminar: Are You Thinking of Going to Study or Work Abroad? by Rupert Herrington

Rupert Herington from the University of Leeds Language Centre will be giving a talk at the EUITT on Wednesday 23rd May 2012 with the title:

‘Understanding cultural diversity and using communication strategies to prepare for working and studying abroad.’

The talk will be of interest to anyone who plans to spend a period in another country and wishes to learn more about ways to communicate more effectively and to understand important cultural aspects which affect communication.

In addition, during the same week, Rupert Herington will be giving a talk about the University of Leeds and the Summer General English programme at the Language Centre. Each year the University of Leeds Language Centre welcomes students from the EUITT who come to study in July or August for 3 weeks or more. For further details about the programme please contact Ms. Mari Carmen Pozo or see: