Seminar: Logical Reasoning As A Universal Tool In Building International Teams

We are proud to announce that we can give the full information regarding our second Around the World in English 2011 conference. Its title: Logical Reasoning as a Universal Tool in Building International Teams.


In this conference it will be shown how mathematics can be applied in constructing an efficient and powerful team working on a project. While resolving brain-teasers, members of the team use methods of valid logical reasoning and thus demonstrate their personal aptitudes which contribute to role and task division on teams.


The speakers will be:

Iwona Wroblewska,MA
Senior Lecturer at the Technical University of Lodz, Poland. International Faculty of Engineering.
Ms. Wroblewska specializes in Business English, English for Academic Purposes, and Communication Skills.

Jakub Szczepaniak, PhD
Assistant Professor at the Technical University of Lodz. Mathematician.
Dr. Szczepaniak’s topics of interest are variational inequalities and mathematics in social life.

When and where

Wednesday, May 11th, 12:30 pm. Room 3004.